Underpressure: 20 years in the making

In the moment 123 Klan IMG_8141-100 Masterpiece The hustle is real Montreal Familiar facesLast week-end, was all about them good times! It was Underpressure’s 20th anniversary. For those who don’t know what that is, well its Montreal’s annual International Graffiti festival. From the hustlers, to the street vendors, break-dancers, rap battles and legendary line-up of artists from around the world they made sure not to disappoint. Sterling Downey, co-founder,  aka (Head honcho, as people see him) and all his staff’s love and respect  towards their artists, both local and international, has kept the festival in the loop and loved for so long.  Sterling and other graffiti pioneers such as legendary writer FLOW had a plan. Even after 20 years in the game and after the numerous attempts of the city to shut them down, Underpressure still keeps it 100 with the whole graffiti / hip-hop culture, making sure to come back every year. They never lost sight of their vision. They are officially a staple of Montreal’s art community. For this we salute them. Finally, a special S/O to Melissa P. and her volunteer staff for their tremendous work and efforts on keeping everything under control and making everyone feel appreciated. Until next year.


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